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Stogina Victoria

Principal dentist of the clinic.
Completed the Course of Professor Buser and Prof. Sculean in Reconstructive Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Bern (Switzerland)

Fields of work:
- implant dentistry;
- esthetic dentistry;
- tooth-preserving surgery;
- reconstructive oral surgery.

Cosmetic therapist, esthetician

Works as a cosmetic therapist wince 2004.
Plans personal skin care programs, addressing such problems as:
- acne and post-acne treatment;
- treatment of Rosacea(redness);
- treatment of skin pigmentation.

Beauty injections:
- mesotherapy;
- bio-revitalization;
- filler injections, lifting programs;
- rejuvenation and PRP skin treatment technique.

Dental surgeon, prosthodontist.

- microprosthesis (aesthetic ceramic inlay and onlay, veneers and lumineers)
- fixed dentures (metal fused porcelain and non-metal ceramic structures)
- aesthetic restoration
- teeth whitening
- digital smile design


Dentist orthodontist.

- Aesthetic and functional orthodontics;
- The use of transparent aligners and aesthetic bracket systems to achieve a harmonious result and maximum comfort during treatment.

Dentist therapist.

- General dentistry
- Endodontics
- Endodontic retreatment
- Aesthetic restoration

Dental therapist pediatric dentist

Fields of work: 
- adult and pediatric therapeutic dentistry;
- endodontics; 
- endodontic recure;
- teeth splinting;
- aesthetic restoration;
- children's admission

Pediatric dentist, hygienist

Fields of work: 
- diagnostics and treatment of permanent and primary teeth caries;
- diagnostics and treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis, stomatits, and gingivities;
- dental fissure sealing (invasive and non-invasive)
- fluoridation of teeth;
- extraction of primary teeth;
- preventive therapy;
- training on hygiene;
- professional dental cleaning for children and adults;
- teeth whitening for adults.


Hygienist, periodentist.

- supragingival and subgingival removal of dental calculus (ultrasonic, Cavitron, Air Flow);
- examining oral hygiene (hygiene index);
- choosing hygiene products and training on personal hygiene;
- diagnostics of periodontal tissues (filling in Florida Probe periodontal chart)
- periodontal treatment, treatment of gingivitis and stomatitis;
- laser therapy in periodontics;

- using Plasmolifting to restore lost bone or gingival tissues.

Osteopathic physician

Fields of work:
- diagnostics and treatment of adult and pediatric musculoskeletal system;
- diagnostics and treatment of gastrointestinal problems;
- diagnostics and treatment of respiratory system;
- treatment of spasmodic torticollis; 
- treatment of vision impairment; 
- treatment of abnormal occlusion;
- treatment of vegetovascular dystonia - hypertonic, hypotonic types;
- treatment of hyperactivity in children.

Clients and clinic staff relationship manager, administrator.

Clients and clinic staff relationship manager, administrator.

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