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Pressotherapy in Kiev

Pressotherapy (machine lymphatic drainage, compression massage, pneumomassage) is a painless treatment that reduces water retention in body system.

Lymphatic drainage (pressotherapy) has beneficial effect on the lymphatic system with compressed air that flows through special cuffs.

Such treatment also has activates cell receptors responsible for the fat-dissolving, enhance skin clearance and enrichment of skin.

Pressotherapy is carried out by a special unit and is a reliable method of physical effects on subcutaneous tissues. Physical drainage of tissues during pressotherapy comprehensive treatment results in deep reviving action on body.

Having relaxing and vessel-dilating effects,  pressotherapy deals with a number of problems:
- Body shaping;
- Improvement of muscles tone;
- Lymphatic system stimulation and treatment;
- Relaxation;
- Cellulite reduction;
- Varicose prevention.

In addition, the pressotherapy treatment also eliminates posttraumatic and postoperative swelling.

Those patients who are prohibited against lymphanic drainage by electrical stimulation of muscles, ultrasound exposure, electrophoresis or hand massage, will find pressotherapy an especially suitable option because of its gentle mode of exposure.

Taking into account all patients’ individual characteristic, cosmetic therapist in Dental Verdi will plan optimal pressotherapy course, in which the number of procedures, their duration and strength of exposure will bring the best results.

Benefits of pressotherapy include:

- cellulite reduction, significant recovery of skin elasticity
- shortened rehabilitation period after surgeries and traumas

Pressotherapy also eliminates edema of different origin and significantly reduces body volume.

Overall immune and stress-resisting abilities increase after treatment sessions, mood improves, body becomes more vigorous and positive energy boosts.

Positive results are visible right after the first session of pressotherapy and persist long time after the whole course.

Massage with compressed air can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as body wrap, aimed at body shape correction and elimination of imperfections.

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