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Clinic in the center of Kiev has just started an unprecedented special for total cleaning...of the face.

Time is precious when in time.

A lot and little of time.

Long time is not at all a time,

if it’s already gone.

Program targets significant weight reduction in order to get a perfect silhouette:

1). Pressotherapy with body wrap – 10 procedures. Frequency – once in 2 days.

2). Cryotherapy for body — 6 procedures. Frequency – once per 5 days.

Complex of procedures in “Perfection” Program targets complete non-surgical face rejuvenation:

1. Face massage — 10 sessions + mask. Frequency – once in 2 days.

2. Face Cryotherapy — 6 procedures. Frequency - once in 5-7 days.

Dental Verdi Family Clinic decided to contribute to children’s summer pleasures with own SURPRISE and announced a contest for children.

From May 23 up to and including June 30 we are waiting for creative works from children on a “Summer Days” topic. Contest is for Ukrainian residents only.

These works may include drawings, handcrafted items, handmade post cards, and, actually, all creative summer-themed masterpieces by young talents will be evaluated and rewarded!

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