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Kazimira Malevicha Street, 86-G
Schedule: from 9.00 to 20.00.
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About clinic

Dental Verdi Clinic has been operating in Ukrainian market for more than 10 years. Having started with a small dentist room, Dental Verdi, within a relatively short period of time, developed into a clinic with solid reputation and a wide range of medical services for both children and adults, and became a real family doctor for many.

Today, Dental Verdi Family Clinic represents a combination of classical traditions of professional service and the most innovative treatment techniques in dentistry, cosmetic therapy, and a set of other medical fields. A warm atmosphere in the clinic and loyal discount system truly please all clients of Dental Verdi.

The clinic holds diagnostic, treatment, and consulting activities with further development of the complex of preventive measures to avoid diseases or their further progress.

Dental Verdi Family Clinic provides services in following areas: Dentistry:
− dental therapy;
− aesthetic dentistry;
− oral surgery;
− prosthodontics;
− orthodontics;
− endodontics;
− dental implants;
− periodontics

Cosmetic therapy. Along with widely known cosmetic procedures, such as waxing depilation, peeling, facial cleansing and massage, clinic offers the following advanced cosmetic services: cryotherapy, pressotherapy, mesotherapy, filler injections, biorevitalization, and plasmolifting.

− Children’s department (dentist, ENT specialist, neurologist). Pediatric dentistry in Kiev is in high demand. Therefore, special attention in Dental Verdi is paid to the youngest patients. Pediatric ENT specialist, pediatric neurologist, and pediatric dentist have necessary psychological experience and skills to approach children. As a result, the process of examination and treatment goes without any stress for a child.

Otolaryngology. Services of ENT-specialist are in the focus of another department in Dental Verdi Family Clinic. Audiometry and selection of hearing aids are also included in the range of services clinic provides.

Day Hospital (outpatient treatment, laboratory assessment) is comfortable addition to services provided by Dental Verdi, and is aimed at people who value their time.

It is also important to emphasize the successful location of Dental Verdi Clinic in the historical center of Kiev, with a convenient transport access and a walking distance to Lva Tolstogo metro station.

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