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Technical Base

Rapid development of technologies in medicine sometimes makes one wonder at all opportunities and diversity of modern techniques. Such developments always have the same purpose – to ensure effective treatment with maximum comfort.

Dental Verdi Family Clinic goes with the times, and offers its patients the most modern and optimal treatment in all of its medical services.


Sandman Futura machine
Dental Verdi’s outstanding offer is a painless dental treatment, without anesthesia and any allergic reactions. Treatment quality level is much higher due to minimal removal of healthy dental tissue. Psychological comfort during treatment is worth mentioning - no hideous noise or vibration usually associated with modern dental drills.

Dental treatment with Sandman Futura machine is recommended even for pregnant.


EPIC 10 biolaser (USA)
EPIC10 is an innovative diode laser with a touchscreen to switch modes. Laser has a long list of medical applications.

It has a unique and quite rare in Ukraine application to pain therapy of temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Innovative bio laser has also the tooth whitening function. Finally, its "soft tissue surgery” therapy mode has the widest range of applications: ulectomy, debrigment, lacing, frenectomy, implant uncovery, dental pulpotomy, crown lengthening, endodontics, hemostatic cutting, aphtous ulcer.

Cavitron® Jet Plus™ Ultrasonic Scaler
This unit combines ultrasonic scaling and air polishing functions.

This new generation of premium-class ultrasonic devices by Cavitron® stabilizes the frequency and intensity of tool action at all levels of power that allows maximizing effectiveness of treatment.

Cavitron® scaler tips have several special features: can be changed easily, operate over the entire surface allowing more thorough teeth cleansing from 5 types of plaque even in areas difficult to access with a piezoelectric scaler. Ultrasonic scaler has inserts for cleaning implants, prosthetic structures and braces. The device can preheat the supplied water for treatment of sensitive teeth.

This unit performs treatment gently to clean baby teeth, teeth of pregnant and of people with pacemakers, impossible to accomplish with a piezoelectric scaler.

Airflow teeth cleaning

Air-flow handpiece is designed for painless hygienic removal of dental plaque, soft tooth deposits, and bacteria.

Anthos dental unit (Italy)
Anthos dental unit is engineered as versatile and convenient for both patient and doctor. A wide range of built-in tools maximizes the efficiency of required treatment. Treatment center is equipped with lights that give no shade and don’t distort the light spectrum. Therefore, dentist can properly choose the right shades of restorations or prosthetic appliances.




Morita dental instruments (Japan)
These instruments are designed to treat hard-to-reach areas, curved canals (treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis). Compact, cordless endodontic handpiece equipped with electric drive is used to prepare and expand root canals.





Visiodent digital X-ray sensor (France)
Portable X-ray machine and digital screen are used achieve versatility and mobility during treatment of root canals and to diagnose other dental diseases. Its smaller radiation exposure comparing to standard X-ray devices is a huge advantage. With dental x-ray image immediately appearing on display, doctor sees the pattern necessary for diagnosing and makes decision on further treatment quickly.



Special attention is paid in clinic to sanitary-hygienic control. With modern equipment for the sterilization of medical tools the likelihood of any infection during treatment is completely eliminated:
- Ultrasonic cleaner;
- «Larioklave» autoclave
- «Sogeva» sterilization pouches:

Cosmetic therapy

Centrifuge and tubes for plasmolifting, Regen Lab (Switzerland)
Certificated equipment for unique rejuvenating procedure - plasmolifting (PRP) which implies using patient's plasma enriched with platelets. GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Product) confirms strict compliance of the products manufacturing process with the required chemical composition, under conditions that prevents intrusion of foreign substances. Certificate CE - European Conformity.

Tubes contain separating buffering gel that helps to separate platelet-rich plasma from erythrocytes, eosinophils etc. It is absolutely necessary for histological tissue rejuvenation, because iron in erythrocytes causes skin aging.

As the product doesn’t contact the air from the moment of blood draw up till the injection, there is no risk of outside infection. Sodium citrate, an anticoagulant in Regen Lab tubes, is a natural skin component, and therefore, has no side effects.

Crioderm (Monaco)
Crioderm unit is designed for cryotherapy treatments without using liquid nitrogen. The device simulates the electrical flows which deliver active concentrates (cocktails) of cryo-dermal products right into deep layers of epidermis.


This is a unit for pressotherapy procedures that stimulate reduction of body volumes, cellulite, obesity, and skin sagginess, is useful as varicose prevention and treatment measure at early stages


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