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Pediatric dentist

Hygiene and care of children’s teeth must be organized in a proper way starting from the first days of life. Moreover, a child should pay regular visits to a dentist, and even if teeth of your infant are totally alright at first sight, you’d better not cancel doctor’s appointments.

Pediatric dentistry in Kiev most often faces problems of malocclusion, early childhood tooth decay, and gingival diseases. Unfortunately, many of these dental problems pass into adult life.

The best preventive measure for dental diseases of children is to pay timely visits to a pediatric dentist. This allows detecting pathologic processes in time, arranging their quick elimination and preventing further complications.

Anyway, all these problems may be solved, if are recognized in time at consultation to a pediatric dentist.

The number one thing here is not to make a child afraid of the dentist. In Dental Verdi Clinic, pediatric dentists follow reliable psychological approach to their young patients.

Furthermore, specialists of Dental Verdi Family Clinic have a wide range of techniques, which ensure painless diagnostics and treatment. 

Painless treatment

Doctors of Dental Verdi use advanced treatment technique for early childhood caries.  Using the Sandman Futura machine, which is based on technology of complex micro-abrasion dental treatment, makes this technique an alternative to traditional using of dental drilling machine.

The fact that it does not require dental anesthesia gives 100% guarantee for absence of allergic reactions, especially in children who already have such problem.  The machine works without drilling, noise, and vibration that usually make kids nervous.

Usage of this technique in dental care is highly recommended for pregnant women and children.

Pediatric dentist

YoumaylearnmoreaboutadvantagesoftheSandmanFutura machine and about other dental equipment for pediatric dentistry here.

Selecting hygiene products

To select teeth hygiene products for children one has to be very careful, for this is the issue of child’s health.

Of course, it is easy to get lost in a variety of children’s products offered in the market. Specialist of Dental Verdi Clinic will give advice and help to choose hygiene products considering individual features and needs of a child.

In particular, Dental Verdi Family Clinic recommends products of Swiss manufacturer Curaproxa, a leading company in this field. Oral hygiene products line of this company includes toothbrushes CURAPROX “Sensitive Young”, CURAbaby, and CURAkid specifically developed for children of different ages.

You may familiarize yourself with Curaprox products here

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