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Children's department at the clinic for the whole family "Dental Verdi"

Pediatric ENT-specialist

In time treatment and preventive care of children’s otolaryngology (ENT) diseases in Kiev is a very important part of the proper care of child’s health. More so as diseases of ENT-organs in children, the immune system not fully formed, may become advanced and have negative consequences for health, which will pass into adult life. 

The most commonly encountered children’s ENT-disease are sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, adenoids, sore throat, tonsillitis, cerumen plug, pharyngitis and respiratory tract inflammations.

In Dental Verdi Family Clinic, pediatric otolaryngologist is a highly qualified specialist, who deals with a preventive care or ear, nose and throat (ENT).

Pediatric ENT-specialist significantly differs from otolaryngologist for adult patients, since prior to diagnosing, he or she should follow individual psychological approach to each young patient in order to gain their trust and sympathy. No less important factor is the technological base the clinic has for treatment of children’s ENT diseases.

The pediatric otolaryngologist in Dental Verdi Clinic uses a bio laser unit for treatment of children’s ENT diseases: unit is a perfect painless and efficient alternative to conservative treatment. Of course, not each pediatric ENT doctor in Kiev has skills and experience in using such equipment.

You may learn more on technology of laser treatment of children’s ENT disease here.

In case of complaints on hearing loss there is an opportunity to do audiometry. Learn more about audiometry procedure here.

Besides, a patient may undergo all medical tests, necessary for identifying proper diagnosing, then and there in the clinic, because Dental Verdi has own opportunities for laboratory assessment.

Dental Verdi Clinic recommends having your child to visit the ENT specialist for preventive examination no less than four times a year. Such routine checkups help to reduce possibility of diseases of ENT organs or identify them at early stages.  

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