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Child Neurologist

Neurologist (neuropathologist) in Dental Verdi Family Clinic specializes in physical aspects of nervous system, detects and treats diseases associated with innate and acquired disorders of central and peripheral nervous systems.

Pediatric neurologist in Kiev is one of the first highly specialized doctors who examines newborn infants. It is important to monitor their future development as well.

Here are the symptoms having which it is necessary to consult pediatric neurologist: back pain, neck pain, and low back pain not related to arthropathy. Visiting the pediatric neurologist in Dental Verdi is also necessary, if a patient experiences frequent headaches, dizziness, faintness, sleep loss, limbs sensation loss, convulsions, weakening of memory and attention.

Symptoms at preschool age: increased irritability and aggressiveness, motor dysfunction, of gross and fine motor skills, tearfulness, communication problems, memory weakness, short-span of attention, restlessness, and enuresis (bedwetting).

At school-going age, the preschooler’s symptoms are added with tiredness, headache, avolition (absence of will) or, on the contrary, limbs hyperhidrosis and shivering, sleep loss, absence of appetite, and anxiety.

Having considered also the hidden symptoms of neuralgic diseases, one should not postpone the routine visit to the pediatric neurologist. It is much easier to treat diseases of nervous system when they are detected at early stages. If a hidden disease is missed, problems of muscles, headaches, joint pain, and set of other disorders will become deep-rooted, and will follow an individual for the rest of the life. To avoid such situation, Dental Verdi Family Clinic waits for its young patients to see a pediatric neurologist.

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