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Children's department at the clinic for the whole family "Dental Verdi"

Pediatric osteopathy

detostPediatric osteopathy is the most important type of osteopathy. Apart from the fact that through the methods of osteopathy one can cure a number of pediatric diseases, the very process is pleasant and carried out completely painlessly, causing a child no negative impressions and keeping from psychological trauma. In addition, this method involves no medications.

The problems of the musculoskeletal system in children, pediatric respiratory diseases, impaired vision, spinal curvature (scoliosis in children), children flat foot, all are treated by pediatric osteopathy. Pediatric osteopathy also cures pathologies that affect the development and behavior of a child, such as:

• motormental retardation (stuttering, dysarthria, alalia);

• learning disability (poor memory, distracted attention, dyslexia);

• attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;

• hyperexcitability, moods, hysterics

• torticollis

• malocclusion

An experienced osteopath in Dental Verdi whole family clinic will diagnose and eliminate the cause of child's decease. Of course, it is not easy to choose a good doctor-osteopath in Kiev, the more so when it is a child who needs a specialist. Osteopath in Dental Verdi is a qualified specialist with medical education, who has extensive experience in the field of osteopathy.

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