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Cosmetology services clinic for the whole family "Dental Verdi"

Cosmetic Therapy

Cosmetic therapy being a combination of medicine, innovative technologies, and art, a cosmetic therapist in Kiev not only has to be a highly experienced specialist, but also master a creative approach to the profession. As a crafty sculptor, a esthetician almost shapes patient’s appearance, removing all imperfections left by inexorable time.

In Dental Verdi Family Clinic, all cosmetic therapists are professionals of this creative type, who love their work and strive for the best results, magical face rejuvenation, slimmer bodies, glints in the eyes, overall perfect tone, and wonderful mood.

Individually optimal results are guaranteed, for Dental Verdi Clinic apply various technological innovations in aesthetic industry, and its cosmetic therapists have a full knowledge of all procedures, as well as care about individual features of patients. Moreover, a warm atmosphere and pleasant interior design contribute to patient’s good mood when he undergoes necessary procedures.

Dental Verdi Clinic, in the center of Kyiv, provides cosmetic and aesthetic services with a flexible discount system and pleasant specials under loyalty program.

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