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Cryotherapy in Dental Verdi

Beautiful ladies employ a variety of finesses to keep their radiant wonderful look. Cosmetic therapists from their side offer all the more effective techniques and dimensions for face and body rejuvenation. Cryotherapy, becoming more and more popular in Kiev, is one of such unconventional methods.

Cryotherapy is a form of treatment with artificial cold. It suggests a short-time cooling to very low temperatures, initially causing blood vessels to narrow, and then expanding not only working capillaries, but also reserved ones. This, in turn, strengthens blood flow to an application site, and, as a result, improves metabolism.

Reaping the benefits of remedial cold, modern cosmetic therapy develops the field of Cryotherapy.

One of the latest developments in this dimension is a Cryotherapy procedure without the use of liquid nitrogen. Under this technique special unit painlessly enriches deep epidermis layers with active cryo-cosmetic cocktails.

Cosmetic department of Dental Verdi owns such unit, Crioderm, the only one in Ukraine for today. Cosmetic therapist will choose program of Cryotherapy procedures.

Indications to Cryotherapy are: faded skin, wrinkles, cellulite, overweight, and acne.

Chronic diseases, blood vessels diseases, open wounds, acute respiratory disease, and other inflammatory processes, blood diseases, or pregnancy.

Right after the first procedure skin is lifted, rehydrated and nourished, enriched with oxygen, face color improves, tone of muscles increases, there is a release from headache and sleep disturbance, cellulite and body volumes reduce.

Cryotherapy is affordable, painless, quick and brings positive results with low level of side effects, which also counts for obvious benefits of this technique.

Specialists from Dental Verdi Family Clinic will help keep beautiful face and slim figure for a very long time.

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