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Needle-free cosmetic treatment in Kiev

Needle-free cosmetic therapy is a set of procedures designed to rejuvenate without using of intradermal injections to deliver cosmetic formulations.

This method does not require any maneuvers that traumatize skin. It is important that there will be no bruising, swelling, or redness left after the procedure, so skin will need no rehabilitation period.

For particular types and conditions of skin, no-needle therapy will be sufficient to ensure positive changes in appearance.Of course, the experienced cosmetic therapist from Dental Verdi Family Clinic will help to select necessary complex of treatments, individual for each client, and give recommendations on how to maintain the result after the course completion, which should be followed strictly.

Procedures with Hydro Peptide skin care products






Anti-Wrinkle Facial therapy

Effective relaxing treatment which rejuvenates skin and has lifting effect due to formula incorporating 12 peptides, growth factors and proteins; nourishes with vitamins and mineral, protects with antioxidants.

Straight after the first procedure expression lines appear relaxed, skin glows, while its texture is smoother and firmer. 

- aging

- dryness

- dehydration

- fatigue skin

- tired skin

- skin irregularity


40-60 min.

- preliminary cleansing

- cleansing

- refreshing

- peel #1

- peel #2

- facial acupuncture with serum and massage oil

- mask

- treatment serum

- face hydration

- eye area renovation

- SPF-30 protection


Anti-StressExpressFacial therapy

This procedure targets busy people limited in time and look for a quick solution. Express facial restores face skin with enzymes and lactic acid, while stem cells of Echinacea revitalize and hydrate it; peptides renew and rejuvenate.

After just one session skin is hydrated, smoother, and glowing. Fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable.

- aging

- skin dryness

- skin dehydration




- preliminary cleansing

- cleansing

- refreshing

- facial acupuncture with serum and massage oil

- anti-stress mask

- serum (face skin treatment)

- face rehydration and renovation with creams

- eye area renovation

- SPF-30 protection


MiniSummerFacial (all skin types therapy)

Refreshes and rejuvenates skin causing no irritation or tenderness. Enzymes and peptides keep skin looking alive and young. Antioxidants nourish and protect skin, while hyaluronic acid hydrates and enriches it.

After just one procedure skin is more hydrated, renewed and smoother. Уже после первой процедуры кожа становится увлажненной, обновленной и более гладкой.

-post-summer restoration;

- skin dryness;

- fatigue skin;

- tired skin.


25-30 min.

- preliminary cleansing

- refreshing

- facial acupuncture with serum and massage oil

- treatment serum

- face rehydration and renovation

- eye area renovation

- SPF-30 protection


Anti-Redness Blueberry Facial (calms face vessels)

Even very sensitive skin will glow after this calming and softening facial. Gentle peeling refreshes skin without irritation, while nourishing mask helps to protect sensitive skin and restore hydration.

Peptides combating redness and botanical stem cells promote even skin tone by reducing visible sign of irritation. Hydrating eye cream finishes treatment perfectly.

After just one session skin becomes softer, fresher, with even tone.

- sensitive skin

- redness (rosacea),

- damaged skin.

45-60 min.

- preliminary cleansing

- blueberry peel

- facial acupuncture with serum and massage oil

- blueberry mask

- treatment serum

- face rehydration and renovation

- eye area renovation

- SPF-30 protection.

Follow the link to see prices for procedures with HydroPeptide skin care product

Peel is a skin cleansing procedure skin that eliminates skin irregularities.This technique is designed to prevent skin aging processes and correct age-related cosmetic imperfections.Peeling in Kyiv is a popular procedure, during which the upper layer of keratinized cells is removed, and process of skin renewal starts. Dental Verdi Clinic offers a wide variety of peels.

Name Description
1 Sapphire peel (face, neck, decolette area)

Peel with sapphire powder with perfect exfoliating properties. Sapphire peel whitens and stimulates skin, successfully removes dead cells of keratinized skin layer. It cleanses and reduces pores, visibly smoothes epidermal structure.

2 Mandelic acid peel (face, neck, decolette area) Peel is done with mandelic acid obtained from hydrolyzed bitter almond. Indications for use: hyperpigmentation, seborrhea. Does not irritate skin.
3 Enzyme peel (face, neck, decolette area) This is a type of superficial very gentle exfoliation. Indications: pigmented (age) spots, acne after effects, smoke-damaged skin.  
4 Glycolic peel (face, hands, decolette area) Penetrates deeply and effectively exfoliates dead cells of epidermis without skin irritation or damage. Indications: hyperkeratosis, withering skin.
5 Peel with αand βhydroxy acids (problem areas) Integrated peel solution including alfa hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid and retinol. All acids are of natural origin and therefore have minimal skin irritating qualities.  Indications: acne and post-acne.
6 Hands peel and massage  Peel for hand skin exfoliates dead cells of keratinized epidermis, improves penetration of active agents into skin.

Prices for peel procedures are available here

Intensive hydration (Кlapp) therapy is designed to maximize skin hydration by hyaluronic acid; is particularly recommended after intensive sunbathing.

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