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Pigmentation removal

quail eggsThey say “every bean has its black”. However, when it’s not a bean, but one’s face starts having dark spots, there will be no time for philosophical talks. Appearance worsens rather dramatically…

Pigmented spots are areas of skin that differ from it in color and appear due to external or internal factors. Skin on these pigmented spots sometimes becomes calloused with spider veins, and that doesn’t make us more beautiful.

ЧOne can use makeup, of course, and apply it boldly on a face to conceal spots and even skin tone. However, Dental Verdi knows more effective methods, such as skin lightening with injections.

What makes injections better than creams and serums? It’s their effectiveness that makes a deal. Lightening agent penetrates skin deeper and acts from within.

After having a full treatment, not only your pigmented spots will go away, but the overall skin condition will significantly improve. It becomes younger and more elastic due to peptides in its formula.

Depending on individual needs, to address skin pigmentation cosmetic specialists in Dental Verdi use several high quality products containing peptides.


A complex of 5-7 treatments with lightening cocktail is recommended.

Active components:

- vitamin C - niacinamide
- alpha-arbutin - SH-polypeptide-2
- oligopeptide-34 - matsutake extract
- glutathion - extract of liquorice




DERMAHEAL, by Caregen (South Korea):

- Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, peptide compounds, copper tripeptide, amino acids (glycine, alanine, serine, leucine, arginine isoleucine, valine, lysine, mineral cocktail.

- Effect: improves general skin elasticity and tightness, evens skin relief, fights skin laxity and age related ptosis, removes stretch marks and cicatricle skin changes, supports required proteins and amino acid synthesis, removes acne, minimizes pores.

Considering the fact that pigmentation origins vary, starting with self-treatment can worsen the situation, and therefore it is not recommended.

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