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Plasmolifting in Dental Verdi clinic

Among a huge variety of rejuvenation methods Plasmolifting, based on activation human body’s own reserves, is one of the most progressive ones.

Key distinctive feature of Plasmolifting and its major advantage is that during the procedure neither foreign nor artificial substances are introduced to a patient’s organism.

Dental Verdi Clinic applies innovative technique developed by ReGenLab (Switzerland) which uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

The grounding principle of the method is the ability of platelets to produce stem cells and collagen. Patient’s own plasma is enriched with platelet by centrifugation, and formula for injections is obtained. The amount of blood required for this procedure is about 10 ml, similar to regular vein blood sampling volume.

The essence of the procedure: platelet-enriched plasma is injected into problem skin areas, where it activates cells to produce collagen.

Being influences by formula injected into skin problem areas, natural processes of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin production speed up.

Indications for use:
Alopecia (hair loss);
scars and acne;
withered skin, wrinkles on various parts of the body (face, chest, decollete area, and hands).

Procedure does not influence hormone level.

Outcomes of PRP: skin is noticeably fresher and firmer, wrinkles are smoothed or reduced, skin color and elasticity are improved, and aging process slows down. When baldness treatment is the issue, in 80% of cases hair loss stops and patients observe hair growth in bald areas after only two sessions of PRP.

How visible the effect is depends on initial skin condition. If aging has started recently, improvement will be noticeable quite soon.

However, when a patient has evident wrinkles and soft tissue atrophy, a longer course might be required. The effect increases after each Plasmolifting session.

After Plasmolifting wrinkles smoothen, skin tone improves, contours tighten, minor scars and acne disappear.

Plasmolifting is also used in dentistry (periodontitis treatment), maxillofacial surgery, and dental implants placing.

Plasmolifting does not cause any addiction. Patient may choose to repeat courses after a certain period, or refuse from further procedures. In this latter case, cells will gradually return to their usual ‘functioning mode".

Plasmolifting is easily matched with any other cosmetic procedures, so has no side effects. Procedure is simple, safe and requires no recovery period.

No other procedure can be compared to Plasmolifting in terms of safety and effectiveness.

To return and prolong youth and freshness of skin without any risk to patient's health is the basic task of Plasmolifting.

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