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Day Hospital in Dental Verdi

How often do we recognize that we don’t have time for ourselves? In case of health care, the time lost may cost much more in future. Dental Verdi Family Clinic saves your time with “Day Hospital” service.

When health is in good condition, requires no constant professional control, but rather is in need for health-promoting procedures, contacting Dental Verdi Clinic, its day hospital, will be very helpful.

In the day hospital at clinic they care of people who don’t need to stay all 24 hours at in-patient department, but the prescribed procedures cannot be done at home.

Patients attend clinic during the day, have necessary procedures, have some rest, and then are back to regular life. Choosing the day hospital at clinic one can improve own health without significant changes in life or business schedule.

In Dental Verdi Clinic you can be tested, put on a drip, have intravenous injection or your pressure measured.

Should you have any hangover effects after great parties, Dental Verdi Clinic has a remedy to it, special therapy after which all uncomfortable symptoms disappear.

If there is no opportunity or time to visit the clinic for outpatient procedures, specialists of Dental Verdi can provide necessary medical care in-home.

Apparent advantages of such services are:
- substantial saving of time;
- wide large range of laboratory tests;
- in-home service opportunity;
- individual approach and no waiting in lines.

Below there are prices for some of "Day Hospital" services

Medical procedures

Procedure In clinic, UAH In home, UAH
Drawing dark blood for examination


70 + transportation



150 + transportation

Blood pressure check


50 + transportation

Intravenous injection


90 + transportation

Intravenous infusor


180 + transportation

Intramuscular injection, intradermal injection


70 + transportation



90 + transportation

Catheter insertion 


110 + transportation

Day hospital


170 + transportation

Intravenous infusor "Anti-hangover"

430,00 (drug included)


Prices given do not include costs of drugs

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