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..what can resist the breath of 
and that first encounter with spring!
                                          Tyutchev F.

Time for romance, new plans and hopes – that is Spring. Let March pretend it is January, trying to scary us with hard frosts and snow piles, we know they will be over soon. Then we will hear spring drippings, starlings jumping, and all around will be covered with gentle greenish haze of awakened buds.

Don’t you want to please your friends and relatives? Spring holiday is not the only reason to give presents. How great it is to make presents and feel the warmth of happiness coming from your beloved ones. Sometimes, it is not so easy to find and choose a worthy gift. We so want it to be useful and beautiful.

We’ve got some good news for you!  Dental Verdi clinic for the whole family now has a new service to offer – Digital Smile Design (DSD).

One more amusing workshop from Dental Verdi clinic at Kiev Best Fest festival took place on June 4. 

Kids smiling, positive emotions and useful gifts made that summer day even more joyful for both Dental Verdi team and for young participants of “Drawing with tooth brushes” workshop.

Dental Verdi family clinic enjoys bringing health and joy to people. What can be better than a funny lesson, where kids can draw with tooth brushes and win some prizes? Well, it’s not only about drawing, but also about cleaning teeth right.

We are glad to inform you that our range of fillers for injections has recently increased with a new brand - Princess® Filler by CROMA (Austria). Quality beauty product, used in many countries for facial filler injections, now is available in Dental Verdi clinic for the whole family.

Here it is, Spring is finally about to come!!!

И взрослые, и дети с нетерпением ждут лета. Ведь это время отпусков, яркой легкой одежды, сочных красок природы—это для взрослых.

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