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Springtime cryotherapy

Here it is, Spring is finally about to come!!!

The long awaited, warm, and sunny… This will be the time of tender colorful dresses, short skirts and skinnies. Thus you need to be on top and look like a million dollar!

Dental Verdi Family Clinic is ready to help you with this issue and share the magic using cold to prolong youth, meaning cryotherapy. The procedure implies treatment with an artificial cold, which actively influences stabilization of metabolism and hormonal levels, improves blood circulation. That way, cryotherapy contributes to youth prolongation, beauty, and health.

Here is another great news! Dental Verdi does cryotherapy with the help of brand new machine that does not require use of liquid nitrogen, thus making the procedure totally safe. Such a unit for cryotherapy is the only one in Ukraine.

Eventually, you already have your spring presents: smooth skin, fit figure, firm breasts, all these available at a promotional price, with 25% discount on the first procedure in Dental Verdi Family Clinic!

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