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Filler injections with Princess® Filler now in Dental Verdi

We are glad to inform you that our range of fillers for injections has recently increased with a new brand - Princess® Filler by CROMA (Austria). Quality beauty product, used in many countries for facial filler injections, now is available in Dental Verdi clinic for the whole family.

Main component of the product – hyaluronic acid. Due to its isotonic content, it does not cause destruction of blood components after injection and has almost no side effects.

Princess® Filler product passed all required licensing and certification procedures.

Moreover, taking into account that this product has been available in international market for more than 10 years, developers had opportunity to take all necessary test and researches related to its effect. After monitoring the patients during 240 days after injection, treatment met expectations of 70% patients (77 patients: 5 men and 72 women). Short term side effects were temporary and refer mostly to the very procedure (for example, reddening, swelling, and pain).  Product has favorable tolerability also because there are no serious long-term side effects.

Areas for Princess® Filler injections:

- forehead lines

- glabella lines

- nasolabial folds

- lip lines

- lips volume

- marionette lines


Let us also mention that cosmetic therapists at Dental Verdi clinic, already having extensive experience in injection cosmetic therapy, have also taken specialized course on innovative filler injection methods - "Face sculpturing depending on aging morphotype”, organized by formulators of Princess® Filler product.

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