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Osteopathy is an integral painless body treatment, based on the principle of coherence of body structure and functioning, as well as its capacity to self-regulate and recover. A qualified osteopath, using various manual techniques, can diagnose and solve health issues. This is true not only for problems with musculoskeletal system.

Almost two centuries ago, an American scientist, Andrew Taylor Still, developed a method and formulated the basic concept of osteopathy: "Structure governs function, and function governs structure." Thus, the general osteopathy is intended to normalize the work of the whole human body.

It is worth mentioning, that there are methods and types of osteopathy, designed to work on specific body areas

- Visceral osteopathy

- Structural osteopathy

- Cranio-sacral osteopathy

- Cranial osteopathy

- Pediatric osteopathy.

Osteopathic treatment has several contraindications:

Intestinal infection (salmonellosis, dysentery, diphtheria)

Acute bleeding.

Malignant tumors.

Heart attacks, strokes, hypertensive decease and other acute medical conditions.

Blood disorders.

Osteopathy in Kiev is quite a young specialty. And many people doubt the effectiveness of osteopathy, as they do with any innovation. Quite often, the reason for this is that a patient comes to an underskilled osteopath.

Osteopath in Dental Verdi is a specialist with a medical education, who received a required qualifying training, confirmed by certificates of Ukraine Osteopath Association, and has as well a great experience.

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