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Orthodontic osteopathy

Is it possible for osteopath and orthodontist to cooperate? More important is, whether such work will be efficient? Benefit of such integrated treatment is following. Malocclusion in both a child and an adult happen due to many reasons. But in any case, it is some failure in work of an integral body structure, which entailed such consequences as a malocclusion. Osteopathy after all is aimed at eliminating these failures to treat disorders caused by them.

The first stage of cooperation between osteopath and orthodontist happens when diagnosing and determining an optimal treatment strategy. For orthodontist to begin its work, a patient shall consult an osteopath first, who will diagnose a cause of malocclusion. Depending on the cause, a collective decision on both osteopathic and orthodontic procedures is made. This may be a pretreatment to orthodontic care and its support. Or it may be an osteopathic therapy during orthodontic treatment.

The second stage is at orthodontic treatment, since a body begins to adapt to adjustments made during orthodontic procedures. In parallel, Osteopathic therapy conducted in parallel to orthodontic treatment increases its efficiency and makes the very treatment process more comfortable.

If orthodontic and osteopathic treatments are parallel, it is recommended to visit an osteopath during the next week after orthodontic treatment.

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