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Pure Tone Audiometry

Audiometry (pure tone audiometry, audiogram, and hearing test) is an examination designed to measure hearing sensitivity.

Audiometry tests help otolaryngologist to define the cause of hearing loss and to diagnose, in particular; to identify hearing problems at early stages, any ear pathologies or mechanical damages.

This examination technique is painless and has no side effects, therefore children tolerate it easily.

Common causes of hearing loss include:
• Acoustic trauma
• Persistent ear infections
• Inner ear disorders
• Head injury
• Genetic predisposition (inherited conditions)
• Side effects from medications
• Occupational deafness
• Ruptured eardrum

Audiometry is done by the special equipment, audiometer with earphones attached to it. Examination and diagnosing have to be done by experienced and highly professional otolaryngologist with good reputation.

Adult and pediatric ENT-specialists from Dental Verdi Clinic will professionally test your hearing with audiometer and prescribe treatment depending on its results.

Note that the selection of hearing aids and their setting also better be done on the basis of audiometry test results.

Read more about the selection of hearing aids here.

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