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Selection of hearing aids

Why is competent choice of hearing aid so important in correcting hearing impairment? Only properly selected equipment will improve hearing without any risk of making it even worse. Hearing aids are selected individually considering patient’s needs and exist in a great variety of types. Moreover, each of them has certain contra-indications.

For example, In-the-Canal (ITC) aid is unacceptable if patient has ear infections, and having problems with fine motor skills, definitely makes In-the-Ear (ITE) aids a wrong choice.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the type of disorder, its course, and patient’s physical characteristics.

Choosing the right hearing aids is very individual process, and allows of no universal [average] approach.

Doctor will determine:
1) what is the degree of hearing loss, is it unilateral or bilateral;
2) which disease causes hearing loss, what is the further prognosis;
3) whether there are any concurrent conditions [associated diseases]. It is important because certain diseases restrict the use of hearing aids. They include first of all various convulsive states, such as epilepsy, when wearing hearing aids is absolutely contraindicated;
4) what the patient’s needs and lifestyle are, what he expects from his hearing aid. Yes, these are very important factors, for people with active lifestyles better use smaller devices that nevertheless provide good sound clarity.

Upon consulting, doctor will offer patient to choose from several types of hearing aids that match individual technical requirements, preferences on cost, color, and design.

Some devices have several operational modes for different situations. There are devices with manual or automatic volume adjustment, control, programmable and non-programmable. All the options available in various hearing instruments naturally affect their cost and appearance.

Consulting otolaryngologist in Dental Verdi Clinic shall help you to complete this difficult, laborious, and serious process of choosing hearing aids, and to become a happy owner of device that’s right for you.

Adults and pediatric otolaryngologists in Dental Verdi Family Clinic select hearing aids on the basis on audiometry tests results. 

Learn more about audiometry tests here

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