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“Perfection” Program

Complex of procedures in “Perfection” Program targets complete non-surgical face rejuvenation:

1. Face massage — 10 sessions + mask. Frequency – once in 2 days.

2. Face Cryotherapy — 6 procedures. Frequency - once in 5-7 days.


Exposure of face skin to artificial cold using the Cryotherapy machine will produce perfect lift effect. Skin will tighten, become velvet and radiant, wrinkles will smoothen, redness will reduce. Moreover, the machine for this procedure in Dental Verdi Family Clinic does not imply use of cryogenic nitrogen. Such unit is the only one in Ukraine.

Massage will tighten face skin, effectively complementing and intensifying lifting process. 


Special price — 3200 UAH

Total cost without discount — 4380 UAH.

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