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«BodyLux» Program

Program targets significant weight reduction in order to get a perfect silhouette:

1). Pressotherapy with body wrap – 10 procedures. Frequency – once in 2 days.

2). Cryotherapy for body — 6 procedures. Frequency – once per 5 days.

Weight and body volume reduction, anti-cellulite effect these are the perfect results after Pressotherapy combined with body wraps. Pressotherapy solves a number of problems due to its relaxing and vasodilatory action:

  • - shape body
  • - tonify muscles
  • - relaxation
  • - reduce cellulite
  • - prevent varicosity

Procedure of Cryotherapy for body is a therapeutic application of artificial cold aiming to improve skin tightness and reduce weight. The latest and the only one in Ukraine, unit does not imply use of liquid nitrogen, and that makes procedure absolutely safe.

Price of a program with a discount – 3500 UAH

Price without a discount - 4120 UAH

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