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“In time health examination” Special

Time is precious when in time.

A lot and little of time.

Long time is not at all a time,

if it’s already gone.


In such a little confused manner a poet Marshak has presented an idea that everything should be done in time. One can hardly argue with this.

Who among us has not experienced an unpleasant situation with toothache or ear infection attacking during long awaited vacations, ruining them fully or at least partially? It will also be no longer good, if child becomes ill at the very beginning of a school year, and parents should distract him from classes to see a doctor. Such situations can be easily avoided. The only thing needed is to do periodic health examination in time.

Usually health examination doesn’t require a lot of time or money.

Dental Verdi Family Clinic offers absolutely free health examination at a time convenient to you. Note also that clinic is located in the center of Kiev, within 5 minutes walk to Lva Tostogo metro station, so getting there is an easy job.

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