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#IamDentalBlogger Special Offer

Don’t you think a lesson is boring? No way! In Dental Verdi clinic lessons are very cool

That is because after our lessons your kid can start a video blogging career and be a great example to his or her friends!

Do you know how?

Together with our pediatric dentist Anastasiya Zinovieva our little patients will attend a hygiene lesson, learn-through-playingthe right movements to clean teeth properly, and pass a final test at the end.

We think that homework should be colorful and fun too, therefore we will give you a nice dental cleaning calendar and a hint-scheme, and a..surprise.

Main part is that the whole lesson will be recorded and cut for you in a fun video (+on a disk).


Note(!): you should come to a lesson with own tooth brush, in that way manual skills will be reinforced.

An offer on a hygiene lesson #IamDentalBlogger is active through the whole February, until March 1, 2018. 

Cost includes dental check-up and consultation on teeth condition

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