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Dental clinic services for the whole family "Dental Verdi"


Healthy and beautiful smile is definitely a dream for many people, and is an indicator of sound health of its holder. Beautiful tooth make a person look younger. Unfortunately, not all of us can boast with a “Hollywood smile”. Quite often reasons are not only caused by genetics, but also by irregular preventive checkups at the dentist.

What does stand in the way of people visiting their dentist regularly? Even if a clinic is in the center of Kiev and access to it is very easy, it’s constant lack of time that tells, along with fear of dentist left from negative experience in childhood, while sometimes reasons are financial.

With Dental Verdi Clinic, all the abovementioned problems stop being obstacles to seeing a dental specialist.

We schedule visits in a convenient way specifically for busy patients with minimum of time. Innovative medical equipment for treatment of dental diseases also helps to save time.

For those who are afraid of dental treatment because of pain feelings Dental Verdi Clinic offers computer-controlled anesthesia.

For patients, who do not have an opportunity to pay for the treatment at once there is a loyalty program: on-credit treatment and flexible discount system.

In addition to dental care in Dental Verdi Family Clinic, consultation to other specialists is available.


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