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Computer-controlled anesthesia

One wouldn’t believe how many scare stories about visits to a dentist our memory keeps…History of dentistry extends back over several centuries, and the issue of anesthesia during treatment has always been very critical. It may be said that history of anesthesia in dentistry is evolutionary in nature, developing from absence of any anesthetic on out to Dr. Luer’s syringe with novocaine, disposable syringes with lidocaine solution, and modern local anesthetic cartridges.

It may well be that you happened to sense discomfort during dental treatment, and you may be familiar with problems of numb mouth and tongue, which occur after applying traditional syringe anesthetics.

Nothing like this happens, if you come to Dental Verdi Family Clinic for dental care. A wide range of technologies use in the clinic includes a computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system - Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA). This is an innovative technology of painless and at most safe method of local anesthesia.

STA implies absolutely painless anesthetics delivery and enables a doctor to administer drug injection with maximum accuracy.

Speed and doze of anesthetic flow are all computer-controlled.

High precision of the procedure ensures almost immediate effect, and there is less drug comparing to the amount inject by traditional syringe. There is no lasting effect of numb mouth, tongue, and cheeks, as after traditional injections of anesthetics.

With Single Tooth Anesthesia now there is an opportunity to anesthetize only one tooth that requires treatment. Given technology may be applied to one or several teeth, and enables doctor to exclude difficult methods of anesthesia during almost any procedure.

Consequently, the minimum amount of anesthetic is used, effect is long lasting, and no sense of discomfort is associated with the process of anesthesia.

STA technology is used during esthetic dental restoration, tooth removal, dental treatment and placing dental implants.

Having guaranteed permanent and deep anesthesia, computer–controlled Single Tooth Anesthesia thus ensures comfort and safety of the patient.

A visit to the dentist has never been as comfortable and safe before, as it is now in Dental Verdi Family Clinic, which successfully applies innovative Single Tooth Anesthesia technology! 

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