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Professional dental cleaning

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Teeth hygiene, oral hygiene – we all know these words from the very childhood. Most often, people understand them only as teeth brushing in the morning, sometimes also in the evening, and that is all, actually.

Regular dental visits every six months and mandatory professional dental cleaning usually are not taken into account as a part of oral hygiene idea. Big mistake...

Soft deposit on teeth is a white deposit containing lots of malignant bacteria. It accumulates on teeth, becomes harder, and turns into dental tartar within time.

It is not only a matter of how unaesthetically teeth look like. Dental tartar between teeth and gums interferes with the blood flow in this area. This leads to periodontal diseases or even to tooth loss. It is useful to know that dental tartar does not respond to mechanical impact, while chemical methods may damage enamel.

In order to remove it a procedure of professional dental cleaning by a dental hygienist or periodontist is required. Let’s review existing types of dental cleaning. .

Ultrasonic dental cleaning

Ultrasonic is the most widespread professional dental cleaning in Kiev. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is done using a special scaler with ultrasound vibration. Vibration with properly chosen amplitude and frequency expose to the border separating the dental tartar from tooth tissue. This is good because it allows to remove sub gingival plaque. Sometimes, anesthesia can be used under this method. A process of dental cleaning ends up with teeth polishing by a special paste.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is indicated for accumulated dental deposits. It is recommended to do this procedure every six months.

Professional Air Flow dental cleaning

Special Air Flow machine is used to remove soft and hard dental plaque. The way it operates is supplying a stream of water, air, and fine powder from a special hand piece. Process is fully painless. Air Flow cleaning is recommended for smokers and those who often take coloring drinks (tea, coffee).

Professional dental cleaning with Cavitron machine

Very effective method of professional dental cleaning. High vibration amplitude of a special insert combined with cavitating effect from cooling fluid jet removes even the hardest dental tartar.

Moreover, this machine goes with a wide range of hand pieces. It allows doctor to choose the best kind of cleaning: ultrasonic, Air Flow, cleaning for implants etc. Patient feels absolutely comfortable. At polishing stage, a directed jet of mix of pressurized air, special powder, and water, polishes tooth enamel without touching it.

Such method guarantees teeth enamel safety, absence of physical pressure or heating, eliminates the risk of any uncomfortable feeling for patient. This may be crucial for people with highly sensitive teeth.

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