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Dental jewellery

Strong healthy teeth decorated with gems or gold figures are one of the most glamorous modern fashion trends.

When fashion on “Jast smile” came to Ukraine from Western Europe, the most forward-minded people, having no certified products, decorated their teeth with crystals designed for nail art, while wealthy clients attached real diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones normally used in aesthetic dentistry.

Inadequacy of the then application methods spoiled tooth enamel, because they required drilling small holes in it. Even flat stones had to be grinded and thus inevitably damaged tooth surface.

Of course, Dental Verdi Clinic does not use such barbaric method of attaching Skyces, removable tooth decoration giving extra sparkle to the smile. The inner surface coating of this jewellery is made in a special way under high pressure in laboratory conditions, and attaches firmly to reverse side of a decoration. Therefore, nothing will remain on tooth surface after jewellery is removed.

Tooth jewellery is available in different colors and types:
- Swarovski crystal: 14 colors,
- Synthetic diamond: 6 colors and 7 shapes (heart, drop, star, leaf, triangle, diamond, and sphere)
- Various figures of white and yellow gold (hearts, half-moon, drops, dolphins, stars, horseshoes, "yin-yang" sign, the G-clef, and many more).

Skyce causes no discomfort and does not require any special hygiene care.

Most often decorations are attached to upper teeth – anteriors, lateral incisors. However, a client can have any tooth decorated upon his or her desire.

Before fitting dental jewellery, a special attention should be paid to teeth condition, align them if necessary, whiten, or fix teeth gaps.

Let your smile be sparkling and irresistible!

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