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Digital Smile Design

dsdWould you like to have 99,99% accurate forecast of your future? No, we don’t encourage you to go to a fortune-teller with a crystal ball. We invite you to Dental Verdi clinic.

Now, let us introduce: Digital Smile Design technology.

If you decide to improve the esthetic way your teeth look – place veneers or implants, and you want them to be well-balanced as well as fit your own taste, then Digital Smile Design will help you with that.

Digital Smile Design, a technology developed by Christian Coachman, a doctor from Brazil, allows us to pre-calculate and model teeth position, form, and color, considering all parameters of face symmetry. In other words, you can choose a design of your future smile and be sure that the result won’t be disappointing.

Create a model-picture of your future teeth with Digital Smile Design and “try” it on your own photo. This will help you prepare a very precise treatment plan too.

Main steps of Digital Smile Design technology:
- doctor consults and examines a patient, takes several photos of a patient after that, and picks up jaws impressions;
- photos are processed in a special program and sketch of a perfect smile is created; 
- that sketch is send to a lab technician to create a wax model of teeth (Wax-up) 
- then form is tried on a patient;
- additional photos are made, and patient receives his photos with new teeth;
- photos can be adjusted if necessary, and then approved;

After a new smile is approved, a treatment process begins with fully predictable result.

Needless to say that Digital Smile Design technology requires high quality expensive professional equipment, software, and qualified specially trained dentist.

There is everything needed for Digital Smile Design here in Dental Verdi, and thus very little is left to do – visit us and choose your new perfect fit smile.

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