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Endodontic treatment is a complex of medical manipulations carried out to cope with diseases which occur because of caries complications.

Disregarded and not treated in time, caries is not a pleasant thing itself, but what is even worse that it leads to various diseases and complications that may even cause a tooth loss.

Pulpitis and periodontitis are exactly such diseases often caused by caries. Endodontics is helpful in this situation, for a root canal treatment is inevitable.

Root canal treatment in Kiev is, unfortunately, the most commonly performed dental procedure.

It is worth noting that life of the native tooth heavily depends on quality of endodontic treatment.

Endodontics is a complex, responsible, and staged process. Therefore, one should choose a dental clinic, where to undergo such treatment, very carefully. After all, the clinic with a combination of highly qualified professionals, advanced technological base, and quality materials is the best option to ensure successful outcome.

Note that Dental Verdi uses computer-controlled anesthesia, under which a patient feels no pain.

Learn more about the technological basis of Dental Verdi here.

Dental Verdi Family Clinic has a long history of successful pulpitis and periodontitis treatment practice.

Contra-indications for endodontic treatment :
- inability to restore the tooth;
- inability to reach and treat root canal;
- vertical tooth root fracture.


Endodontics involves the following steps:
- Anesthesia;
- Pulp (nerve) removal;
- Careful treatment and root canal;
- Treatment of periodontitis if it’s the case

Prices for endodontic treatment are available here.

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