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Dental clinic services for the whole family "Dental Verdi"

Oral surgery with Dental Verdi

Oral surgery in Kiev has become one of the most popular dental treatments.

Oral surgery in Dental Verdi includes such areas as:

- tooth preserving;
- sinus lift (sinus augmentation);
- placing dental implants;
- aesthetic surgery in periodontics;
- tooth extraction;
- removal of dental cysts;
- root recession coverage;
- oral vestibule plastic surgery;
- frenulum and upper lip plastic surgery.

Since dentists of Dental Verdi use modern advanced equipment, treatment is painless without any risk of complications. Moreover, even the very process of anesthesia causes no discomfort, for is done by computer-controlled anesthesia unit.

In Dental Verdi Family Clinic many of abovementioned types of surgery are done with laser technologies.

All surgical operations can be performed under either local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

Furthermore, oral surgeons from Dental Verdi will always consult each patient in full details on the upcoming surgical operation.

Prices on oral surgery are available here.

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