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Orthodontics and braces installation

Установка бркет-системIn many situations today our perception is influenced by stereotypes. One of the most stable stereotypes is an image of prosperous and successful person, and of course crooked teeth discredit it.

In modern dentistry correction of these defects is a task of orthodontist. The main purpose of his or her work is to straighten tooth, prevent or correct malocclusions.

Do you want to have open dazzling smile and perfectly straight teeth? Then you should think about a visit to the orthodontist for dental correction!

Until recently, it was assumed that the effective orthodontic treatment, braces installation is possible only in childhood, while modern approach to the problem made it possible at almost any age.

Today, the average age of patients undergoing treatment is 25 years.

Dental Verdi Family Clinic uses both removable and fixed orthodontic appliances to achieve optimal results.

Removable appliances include so-called plates that are effective in pediatric orthodontics and used successfully to treat adult patients; retainer that fix obtained results.

Orthodontist in Dental Verdi works with such fixed appliances as traditional front (vestibular) braces, which can be either metal or esthetic ceramic; and internal (lingual) braces.

Indications for installing braces:
− to prepare for restoration;
− to preserve bone tissue and fulfill esthetics-driving purposes;
− to restore the correct jaws and teeth position before placing implants.

Find a qualified orthodontist in Kiev, whom you can address, your problems of dental alignment and not be disappointed with the result, in Dental Verdi Clinic located on Gorkogo street, 14. Whatever the problem is, orthodontist of Dental Verdi will find a way to fix it.

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