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Professional Teeth Whitening

Modern methods of teeth whitening

The following teeth bleaching methods are the most popular:
- Light-accelerated whitening;
- At-home whitening;
- Laser whitening;
- Chemical whitening.

At-home whitening:

You can bleach your teeth at home using either individually fitting trays or universal trays pre-filled with whitening gel.

Dentist should make a mold of your teeth, and then create individual tray for the whitening procedure.

Bleaching gels with mint watermelon or no flavor are used in at-home whitening. The results are often noticeable on the following day. Optimal natural whiteness is usually achieved in 7-10 days.

Opalescence ® Whitening System
Opalescence ® whitening gels contain PF formula with sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride, have remineralising and desensitizing effects. They help to prevent caries, and therefore are the most safe and effective. Opalescence ® gels contain bound water (20%) which keeps dental tissue from dehydration.

Dentists from Dental Verdi Clinic will select gel and arrange whitening system individually.

Opalescence 10% PF – a whitening gel containing 10% of carbamide peroxide, potassium nitrate, and sodium fluoride; is recommended for patients with hypersensitivity; both day and night wear possible.
Session duration: 2-4 hours during the day, 8-10 hours at night.

Opalescence 15 % , 20 % PF - a whitening gel that contains 15%, 20% of carbamide peroxide, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride; is recommended for accelerated whitening; both night and day wear possible.
Session duration: 2-4 hours during the day, 8-10 hours at night.

Opalescence 35 % PF – a whitening gel that contains35% of carbamide peroxide, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride; is recommended for effective home whitening when patient is short on time.
Duration: 30 - 60 minutes a day

Opalescence Quick 45% PF – a whitening gel with 45% of carbamide peroxide, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride; is recommended for the intensive initial whitening controlled by a dentist in clinic. It can be used either in custom-made tray or for spot-on application.

Opalescence TresWhite Supreme – universal trays pre-filled with whitening gel. Gel contains 10% of hydrogen peroxide, 20% of bound water, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride. Trays are recommended for effective quick bleaching; can serve be used in custom-made trays.

Treswhite is the most powerful solution for at-home whitening. Due to high content of peroxide results are reached very quickly. First improvements will be noticeable the next day.

Session duration: 30 - 60 minutes a day.

Light-accelerated whitening

During light-accelerated whitening, scattered light is acting, and in this particular case - a focused laser beam. Whitening is done not only due to hydrogen peroxide, but also due to the ability of the laser to split the dark pigments.

The main ingredient used is a hydrogen peroxide gel. The distinctive feature of this method is that whitening formula is exposed to LED light. Different accelerator lamps can be used in light-activated whitening (helium-neon, plasma, or UFO).

Under light acceleration, active solution brings oxygen that splits dark tooth pigments.

Opalescence Xtra intensive whitening gel with 35% hydrogen peroxide carotene is activated by LED blue light; recommended for powerful whitening in-chair at the dental room. Whitening procedure implies that dentist first protects neck area and mucosa with a layer of OpalDam, and then applies the gel on teeth. Each tooth is light-cured for 20-30 seconds. Total duration: 1-3 procedures.

Opalescence Boost PF - a powerful new tricomponent whitening gel that contains 38% of hydrogen peroxide, bound water, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride, is chemically activated. Highly effective whitening+ low sensitivity+remineralization.
Recommended for large amount of work.
Session duration: up to 6 applications, 10-15 minutes per visit.

Opalescence Endo is a gel for non-vital whitening from the inside of a tooth with root canal treated previously; contains 35% hydrogen peroxide.
Gel is recommended for whitening the teeth stained because of injury or endodontic treatment.
Treatment duration: 2-3 days.                    

Opalescence Opalustre is a solution for micro-abrasive enamel treatment, recommended for correction of superficial white, brown and other micro-colored enamel defects no deeper than 0.2 mm. The cause of such defects is dental fluorosis.
Treatment duration: one in-chair procedure.

Maintenance care after whitening

UltraEZ – a hard gel for quick removal of tooth sensitivity caused by chemical, mechanical and thermal exposure. Gel contains 3% of potassium nitrate and 0.11% of sodium fluoride; is recommended for quick reduction of tooth sensitivity.
Session duration: up to 1 hour, depending on the clinical case.

Flor-Opal is a unique long-acting hard gel with 0.5% of fluoride ions that reduces sensitivity and fluoridates teeth. Session duration: 0.5 - 8 hours, depending on the clinical case.

Opalescence Toothpaste is low abrasive toothpaste. Its fluoridating effect is 4.8 times greater than that of analogs. This toothpaste is recommended for maintaining whitening results as well as for everyday use. Instructions: cleans teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal.
Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is an excellent product to maintain the brightness of your smile.

Laser whitening
Important stage in development of tooth whitening techniques is the use of medical lasers to catalyze chemical reaction of oxidation. Method of laser whitening was created in early 90s, and Dental Verdi Family Clinic successfully practices laser dental whitening.

Chemical whitening
Given method is based on oxidation processes resulting from exposure of natural tooth tissue to atomic oxygen. A special gel will protect gums during the procedure.

Important notice from Dental Verdi clinic!

Since fillings, veneers, and ceramic crowns have totally different structure, bleaching technologies do not work on them.

Therefore, if you decided to have lighter teeth whitening sessions should precede any dental restorations (filling, veneer installation) or dental orthopedics procedures.

It is very important to keep your new all-white smile afterwards. Follow good oral hygiene and never forget to brush your teeth after eating or drinking something with coloring properties.

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